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Teoría de Juegos

Origen de la Investigación de Operaciones
Toma de Decisiones
Método Gráfico
Método Simplex
Modelo de Transporte y Asignación de Recursos
Teoría de Juegos
Software de Progamación Lineal

This page will have answers to common questions as well as links to associations to provide additional information on financial services.

Ask the Advisors

Here we will display answers to some frequently-asked financial services questions. For example:

Q: Can I file my taxes late?

A: Under special circumstances, taxes may be filed after the deadline.

Helpful Links

Links to trade associations:

Chicagoland Association of Financial Institutions

America's Community Bankers

Links to trade publications:

ISI Publications

Web Sites "Investigación de Operaciones" -- Teléfono: (503) 2669-5616, E-mail: